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Why I'm Running

We're tired of what we're seeing

For decades, Missouri Republicans have served big businesses while Missouri Democrats have focused on pleasing our urban communities. I'm a Democratic candidate, but my goal is to benefit the state of Missouri by focusing on a population that is often forgotten by our government: the working-class individual in a small town. 

Let's face it: Missouri has problems. Our education system is failing; family farms that have been in business for generations are being forced to sell; small businesses are struggling under the weight of taxes; our rights are being threatened by the federal government, and we don't know anyone who thinks healthcare works in this country. 

For twenty years, our state has been led by the Republican Party, and they have accomplished many good things for our state. But there are also many families and communities that have fallen through the cracks as corporations and big businesses have benefitted and thrived while their counterparts failed. As your representative, I'm determined to answer the questions that our average Americans are asking and work hard to solve the problems that we are all facing. 

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